Release of Typo 6.0.4 : lots of bug fixes and cosmetic improvement

It’s been 3 weeks since we last released a Typo version, and we want to thank all our users who provided great feedback – mostly bug reports, nobody’s perfect. We’ve had a hard time fixing them as these bugs were mostly due to the upgrade to Rails 3.0, but tonight we’re happy to release Typo 6.0.4, fourth of both the Irving Penn series and 2011.

General Improvement

Integrated version checker

When displaying the dashboard, typo will check for the latest release and will display a message accordingly:

  • A notice if Typo’s just a minor version behind.
  • A warning if Typo’s a sub version behind.
  • An error message if Typo’s a major version behind

Our dashboard was almost completely redesigned, making information easier to get and prettier.

Utility Sidebar Widget

A utility sidebar widget was added, displaying various links to Login page, RSS, Typo documentation. This Widget is enabled by default when creating a new blog making the sidebar prettier.

Editable RSS description

RSS description is now editable from the admin. You can add as much HTML as you want to make nice RSS footers.

French Translation

Having 3 Typo commiters out of 4 being French while having an incomplete French translation full of mistakes was a shame. This is now fixed thanks to great work by Ollivier Robert and Sylvain Abelard.

Bug fixes

Invalid publishing time when using a non UTC timezone.
With Rails 2, Active Record used to store contents using local time for timestamps. Rails 3 uses UTC instead, creating a gap between the publishing time and the user’s time. Typo 6.0.4 fixes this making Active Record behave like it should on Rails 3.

Broken theme editor.
A change in the way should be called between Ruby 1.8.6 and Ruby 1.8.7 broke theme file loading. Also theme editor did not raise an error when trying to load non existing files.

Broken migrations when creating a new blog.
Rails 3 upgrade broke initial migration as it was trying to use a non loaded model.

Broken sidebar save button
Upgrade to Rails 3 with use of prototypelegacyhelper plugin broke many AJAX saving feature. This caused sidebars not to be saved anymore.

Broken image links in administration style.
Background images would not load when using Typo in a sub URI.

Broken cache system.
The way caching used to work caused a stale file descriptor bug having the cache not being generated anymore after a sweep.

Broken cache system with sub URIs.
Cache could not be accessed when using a site deployed in a sub URI, making it useless.

Broken sites with https.
Blogs using https would break because Typo was only expecting URLs to start with http only.

Broken Flickr and Lightbox macro filters.
By escaping macro tags, BlueCloth was breaking Flickr and Lightbox macros. This would happen when using Markdown, Textile or Markdown + Smartypants.

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    by Don Park 02/03/2011 at 04h55

    Thanks for keeping typo alive and strong! I love it!

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    by Frédéric de Villamil 24/02/2011 at 09h18

    Ooops, seems I had fixed the link on all internal pages but forgot the listing pages. It is now fixed, sorry :-(

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    by Marcio Gouvea Silva 23/02/2011 at 18h39

    Thanks for the update!

    I’m trying to download themes from but for every thme I’ve tried to download I’ve received a 404 not found error.

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