Release of Typo 5.4.4

After releasing Typo 5.4.3, we realized something we actually knew for a while. If we wanted Typo to spread more, we had to make it prettier, easier to install and easier to use. That may sound obvious, but we were working with a quite old product, having legacy feature we didn’t need, but, for some reason, we kept release after release, trying to work around instead of just dumping them. If we wanted to make Typo better, we first had to make it smaller. Dead obvious once again.

Being the fourth of the Willy Ronis series, that version is the first going towards simplification: less useless feature, simpler, better interface, and lighter memory footprint.

Typo now comes with a new, easier to use setup that suppresses needed initial configuration. Just provide an email and a blog title, and you’re done. This setup is the first stone in refreshing Typo installation process.

Previous admin refresh was not very satisfying, and we needed to rework it. Instead of trying to play the webdesigners, which none of us is, we used Jquery UI for the graphic part, and focused on Typo interface instead. The result is, for now, quite satisfying, even though we know we still can improve it.

Typo 5.4.4

IPs and pattern blacklist has been completely removed. With Akismet and real time blacklist (RBL), Typo already provided 2 simple ways to fight against spam. Blacklisting IPs and patterns was a very advanced feature, which is definitely not a blogware job. If people want to do that type of filtering, they have many way to do it, using intrusion detection systems (IDS), Apache mod_security, or even packet filtering such as Linux Netfilter.

For ages, Typo provided a full iTunes metadata support for podcast publishers. We’ve completely removed them since it was useless for 99.99% of us. Typo still supports enclosure (files attached to a blog post, appearing in the RSS feed but not on the post itself) though.

Instead of SQL stored sessions, we’re back to plain old cookie sessions. Sessions table was never emptied and this was part of Typo heavy memory footprint.

We’ve also resolved a bunch of bugs as well:

The main reason why we’ve released that new version so early was because of a bug in the visual editor, losing posts content at saving time. Editors are very difficult to test since they rely on Javascript. However, we plan to add some Watir tests in a near future.

Issue 152: fix poor email grammar.

Issue 148: fixes a bug that prevents admin to edit a user without providing his password.

Issue 160: 404 error on the lightbox loading.gif and closelabel.gif.

Issue 155: after deleting an image, the file page is loaded.

Issue 143: publishing posts in the future didn’t work unless you manually unpublishes them.

If you’re still wondering whether or not you should upgrande, give our demo site a try first.

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    by Tobias W. 06/04/2010 at 06h50

    I am pleased to see that Typo is moving in the right direction. I’ll try the new release as soon as I’m back home. One issue I faced recently in the previous release was logging on with SSL enabled. I configured my virtual server in Apache to force SSL (using modrewrite) on Typo’s admin controller (using a URL pattern in modrewrite). The login page would show, I would enter my credentials and the login controller of Typo would deny access, claiming the credentials don’t match. If I removed the mod_rewrite rule it would work again. I have tried this strategy successfully with Redmine (also a Rails application), so it’s not something that doesn’t work with Rails as such. My guess is that it’s a bug in Typo. I’m afraid I’m on the road for the next few weeks so I can’t give it a more thorough test (I wanted to add more debug log output to the login controller, to see what’s actually going on when using SSL).

    If anybody could give this a try in the future I would be happy. I’ll post a bug report as soon as I have found out what’s actually the cause for this.


    Tobias W.

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    by Diego E. “Flameeyes” Pettenò 06/04/2010 at 01h53

    Just updated my install to the latest git master and… I love the new admin interface! Especially the fact that it’s no longer bordered by dark areas, it was straining my eyes, to be honest…

    The new access to draft, posts by month, and so on… just fantastic… can’t say how much I’m happy about this :)

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