Release of Typo 5.4.2 Willy Ronis

3 weeks after releasing Typo 5.4.1, and only 1 month after releasing Typo 5.4, we’re happy to release Typo 5.4.2, an important bugfix release. Don’t expect many feature here, even though we thought about some of them, it’s really a bugfix, and nothing else.

Typo 5.4.2 is avaliable as a source package on Rubyforge, or as a gem from Gemcutter.


We’ve split the attachments between images and non images assets. Provided you’re using the simple editor, you can now use a fancy images carousel and insert your images in your text within a single click. This comes with a nice set of thumbnails.

Finally, the long awaited “forgot my password” link is here. It will send you a new password whenever you lose yours. Cool isn’t it?

We’ve also done some optimization in the way Typo sends assets and manages cache. CSS and Javascript are now sent into 1 file, making them faster to load. RSS generation has also been fastened up.


A bug screwing up the editor when switching from simple to visual, causing users to lose their content when switching. Fixing that is a good reason to release today in itself.

A bug preventing your registration email to go when creating your account, making you lose your password unless you change it manually before logging out.

Fixed a security issue making the user passwords to be logged in clear in the application logs.

Fixed a bug causing CKEditor to crash under MS Windows due to the lack of symlinks on windows.

That’s all folks. See you in a while for our next update!

Published on 23/01/2010 at 19h42 by Frédéric de Villamil, tags , ,

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