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We’re delighted to announce the release of Typo 4.1.1 as part of our ongoing program of shortening Typo’s iterations. Most of the changes this month are bugfixes, but there are a few new features:

h4. Article previews

As anyone who has run Typo with a hosting service can testify, our AJAX based live preview, though lovely, can be a bit of a CPU hog. So, you can now choose between the old preview behaviour, no previews at all, or you can use the TinyMCE visual editor. Which is nice.

h4. Statistics

We’ve added the Sitealizer statistics plugin. This is by way of an experiment, we’d appreciate feedback on how useful you find it. We expect to add configurability (if only at the level of whether or not to gather statistics) in a future release.

h4. German and Romanian translations

The Typo internationalization effort continues apace. Thanks to “Alex Deva”: for the Romanian and “Frithjof Eckhardt”: for the German.

h4. Easier rendering of multiple sidebars

You can now do things like:

<typo:code> <%= render_sidebars \ \
  :title => 'Citations', 
  :associate_id => 'justasummary-20', \
  :maxlinks => 10 %>


In your layouts. The hope is that this will make 3 column layouts easier to design. Check out “my blog”: for an example of this in use.

h4. Sidebar warnings

If you’ve been following the trunk, you’ll have noticed a bit of a dance as sidebars got moved in and out of the main repository. The policy now is that some sidebars are now deprecated and you should get a warning to this effect the first time you log in to your admin pages. They will be going away in Typo 4.2 whenever that happens.

The first step will probably be to move the sidebars out of the trunk and then include them back using the magic of @svn:externals@. Hopefully we’ll find a good way of flagging up which sidebars are deprecated so you’ll have some route for easily reincluding the ones you use before the ‘big bang’.

Hopefully we’ll find a way of doing it automagically and seamlessly. Watch this space.

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    by Kyle 20/07/2007 at 01h52

    I personally use Google Analytics for my reporting so it would be nice if I could turn off the statistics plug-in.

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    by Benjamin Turner 30/05/2007 at 05h43

    FYI, the SVN repository’s 4.1.1 branch doesn’t include the same code as the tar file on rubyforge. I tried to get the latest release via SVN, but ultimately wound up just checking out the trunk code at revision 1439, which seemed close to the release time of 4.1.1….

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    by Jean-Francois 09/05/2007 at 03h34

    Nice release! The Sitealizer plugin is great and it’s nice that it is now included by default.

    I am wondering, is there any way to exclude some URL in the stats? I’d like to exclude /admin for obvious purposes ;)

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    by Convictus 08/05/2007 at 18h43


    I have been using the typo blog for a few months now and have an interest in upgrading. I am new to ruby and the “intro to ruby” and “overview of ruby application upgrades” queries net interesting programming links but not much in the way of explaining what the “rake” and such process means. The my typo install was handled automatically by my hosting company (site5) and as a result I am completely unaware of what it takes to get a something like typo installed/ up and running. I tried searching trac.typosphere for assistance but everything seems to be depreciated. Where would you suggest someone that is in love with the engine starts on upgrading my install on a share host? Links to articles would be fantastic. Thanks for a great engine, and I really look forward to upgrading so I can use tinymce to edit articles the old console is painfully rudimentary hand typing href and img (and the rest of the types of things you might want to do with a blog) sucks but the rendering on screen is so much better than most wp or other “dynamic” cms’s that I cannot imagine switching.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

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